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I Am Bones


FROG 210-3

Digital only

1    Bump Down
2    Lactation Device
3    Mirroring
4    Lip Service
5    Crawl Space

© + (P) 2024 Crunchy Frog
Published by Crunchy Tunes

Music and lyrics by Johannes Gammelby
except 'Lip Service': Music by Johannes Gammelby, Jeppe Lindgren and Christian Winther, lyrics by Johannes Gammelby

I Am Bones:
Johannes Gammelby - Vocals, guitars
Jeppe Lindgren - Drums, percussion
Christian Winther - Bass
Claus Søgaard Andersen - Guitar

Recorded by Jacob Bredahl at Dead Rat Studio, Aarhus, oktober 2023, except 'Crawl Space', recorded at home by Johannes Gammelby and Claus Søgaard Andersen 
Produced by Johannes Gammelby and I Am Bones
Mixed by Jacob Bredahl, except 'Crawl Space', mixed by Johannes Gammelby
Mastered by Audiosiege, except 'Crawl Space', mastered by The Great Nalna

Artwork by Beatriz Monteavaro

Released August 23, 2024

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