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Shiny Darkly


FROG 201-3

Digital only
1 Crazy Smile
2 Punch
3 Cynical
4 Letter

© + (P) 2023 Crunchy Frog
All songs published by Crunchy Tunes

All music by Kristoffer Bech and Mads Lassen
Lyrics by Kristoffer Bech

Shiny Darkly:
Kristoffer Bech - vocals, guitars
Mads Lassen - drums, percussion

Additional musicians:
Kristian Marstal - synth bass

Produced by Kristian Alexander and Shiny Darkly 
Recorded by Kristian Alexander at Studio 3, DKDM 
Additional recordings at KA studio 
Mixed by Kristian Alexander 
Mastered by Emil Thomsen at ET Mastering 

Cover art work by Adrian Sølberg
Cover photo by Àgúst E. Àgustsson

Released November 24, 2023

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