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Junior Senior

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

FROG 053-2

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The maxi EP is an expression of the musical spontaneity and joy that is so characteristic of Junior Senior. Like the first album, D-D-D-Don't Stop the Beat, the idea with this maxi EP was to have a fresh take on the recording process. Armed with a handful of fantastic songs, three musicians and one technician went into the recording studio - fast in - fast out, hit and run. The outcome are these seven, fine - and long - dance tracks inspired by the most commercial and noncommercial eighties hits.

Stranded On An Island Alone
Together For One Last Dance
Headphone Song
I Can't Rap, I Can't Sing But I Would Do Anything
Simple Minds Do Simple Things
Simple Minds Do Simple Things part II
U And Me
Anja Andersen


Format: CD

Released August 13, 2007