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Junior Senior

Boy Meets Girl

FROG 032-2

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This EP contains remixed and partly re-recorded versions of "Boy Meets Girl", "Rhythm Bandits" and "Shake Me Baby" (formerly known as “Just Shake it Brother”). On top of that the dub version of “Coconuts” entitled “Cocodub” and a live version of “Move Your Feet”. The EP also has some spectacular videos for your viewing pleasure: the brand new video for Boy Meets Girl by Style war and the by now classic “Move Your Feet.” Video by Shynola, live versions of "Dynamite", “Chicks and Dicks” and “Good Girl, Bad Boy” recorded at a crowded sweaty gig in Copenhagen. Last but not least “The Delta Lab Diaries”- a unique inside look at the recording of “d-d-don't don't Stop Beat” . Quick Time use. This release is an absolute must for Junior Senior fans, hell, for everybody

Boy Meets Girl
Rhythm Bandits
Shake Me Baby
Move Your Feet (Live)
Format: CD

Released June 10, 2003