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Late Runner

Organ Trio

FROG 198-3

Digital only

Digital release of Organ Trio versions of the Late Runner originals.

1 I Wear Shades (Organ Trio Version)
2 Catch Your Eye (Organ Trio Version)
3 Sing to Me (Organ Trio Version)
4 Nothing's Real Anymore (Organ Trio Version)

© 2023 + (P) 2022, 2023 Crunchy Frog
Published by Crunchy Tunes

Written by Asger Tarpgaard
Produced by Christian Vagn Madsen

Asger Tarpgaard - vocal, bass
Tanja Forsberg Simonsen - vocal, synth
Kristian Nygaard Olsen - organ
Christian Vagn Madsen - synth, percussion

Additional musician on 'Nothing's Real Anymore (Organ Trio Version)':
Mathias Heise - harmonica

Released January 20, 2023

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