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The Concrete Boys

Sucking the Pope and All That Vatican Dope

FROG 209-1

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12" Vinyl

1 Sucking the Pope
2 Second Thought
3 Magic Motherfucker
4 Weed Jar
5 Cunnilingus
6 Communion

© + (P) 2024 Crunchy Frog
All songs published by Crunchy Tunes

Written by Kim Hjorth Jeppesen, Charles Lee Shapiro, Michael John Sullivan

The Concrete Boys:
Kim Kix: vocals, guitars
Charlie Shapiro: vocals, guitars, baritone guitar, bass, organ, church organ, synthesizer, piano
Mike Sullivan: drums, percussion, bongos

Additional musicians:
Nive Nielsen: backing vocals on 'Sucking the Pope'
Dave Sterns: bass on 'Magic Motherfucker', 'Weed Jar'
Alma H. Jeppesen: backing vocals on 'Weed Jar', 'Cunnilingus', 'Communion'
Stella Cortés Pashaie: backing vocals 'Weed Jar', 'Cunnilingus', 'Communion'

Recorded by The Concrete Boys
Produced by The Concrete Boys
Mixed by Jens Benz
Mastered by The Great Nalna

Released May 24, 2024

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