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The Tremolo Beer Gut

Under the Covers With...

FROG 086-2

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The 17 fine selections comprising "Under the Covers With…" were recorded between 1998 and 2011 by The Tremolo Beer Gut. Some for inclusion on TBG albums, some for the infamous Bad Afro vinyl club single "While Squaresville Is Watching From Afar…" later released on CD on "From the Vinyl Archives of…", others for compilations and quite a few as alternatives to so-called "remixes" for other artists and therefore only available on non-TBG releases. Until now. Finally all the undercover work of The Tremolo Beer Gut is compiled for your sonic education and listening pleasure. As an added bonus this record album includes 5 as of yet unreleased covers.

1. Every Minute Alone
2. Das Modell
3. She Said
4. Rave Kned
5. Le Jacquet
6. Useless
7. Because They're Young
8. Danube Incident
9. Pet Sounds
10. Johnnies Sykel Intro Theme
11. 9 Times the Pain
12. Midtown
13. Turn Me Up
14. Damn Right
15. Las Vegas
16. Deep Under the Chinese Snow
17. Death Valley '69

Released October 8, 2011