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Yong-Gwanglo Part One

FROG 204-1

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12" Vinyl

1 Off World
2 Jimma
3 Elko Prelude
4 Elko
5 Pannonica
6 Nassomato
7 Laura
8 Discoman - feat. Laid Back, Charlotte Schultz, Toby Ernest
9 Seoping - feat. Sune Rose Wagner
10 Joel Got Help (Toto) - feat. Simone Tang
11 Cuidado - feat. Charlotte Schultz
12 Âm Nhạc - feat. Trung Hoa Tran
13 Điền
14 Chingu

© + (P) 2024 Crunchy Frog
All songs published by Crunchy Tunes, except
"Pannonica" published by Thelonious Music Corp
"Discoman" published by Crunchy Tunes and Sing A Song Publishing

Written by Christian Ki, except
"Pannonica" written by Thelonious Monk
"Discoman" written by Christian Ki and John Guldberg

Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Christian Ki at Viktoria Studio and Ki's Hut
Vinyl master cut by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at Loop-O
Sleeve design & artwork by Jesper Reginal
Photo by Christian Ki

John Guldberg appears courtesy of Laid Back / Brother Music
Sune Rose Wagner appears courtesy of Beat Dies Records

Released April 4, 2024

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