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The Tremolo Beer Gut

You Can't Handle…

FROG 177-1

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12" Vinyl

The Tremolo Beer Gut is a seminal band in the world of instrumental garage and surf rock, and a loyal fan base has been waiting for the 2021 long player 'You Can’t Handle The Tremolo Beer Gut' for years. It’s the band’s 5th studio album and features guest appearances by founding member (now alumnus) Sune Rose Wagner (The Raveonettes), Jon Spencer (The Blues Explosion & Heavy Trash), Cristina Martinez (Boss Hog), Evan D. Foster (The Sonics and Boss Martians), The Courettes, Chris Barfield (the Huntington Cads) and others. The new album is released by Crunchy Frog worldwide except for the USA where the two esteemed labels MuSick Recordings (los Angeles) and No-Count Records (Seattle) will be spreading the gospel of the TBG.

1 Rad Barrels
2 Barfield's Gambit
3 Hot! Hot! Heatwave!
4 The Minx
5 Date at The Slow Club
6 Jive Jimmie Juma
7 The Tremolo Death Wray
8 Memento Morricone
9 Planet Urf!
10 Inferno (I Just Called To Say)
11 Hey Hello
12 Gnossienne No. 1 (I Can't Get No)
13 Codename Tremstar
14 The Reno Bundle
15 A Minha Menina (Digi only)
16 Caipirinha River Cruise

Released April 16, 2021

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